7 comments on “Chimps and their doctrines

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  4. Did I contact and speak with you via email a couple years ago regarding human knuckle weight bearing as in the exact way gorillas do? As in the picture of you and your knuckles? Because if not….I just wanted to let you know that I have been doing this for years, before I studied apes! It was inate to rest my body weight upon these knuckles, to the extent pads have formed. K.21@hotmail.co.uk

    • I don’t believe you did, but that’s very interesting! How often do you find yourself ‘knuckle walking’ outside of research purposes. If I’m on hands and knees (not that often) I instinctively use the orang-utan method of fist-walking, rather than palm-down which i assume is most common.
      Also, I should make it clear that that’s not a photo of me, nor is it owned by me. All credit goes to John Naish of the Tetrapod Zoology blog.

      • I completely forgot about this, excuse the late reply. Have you any more insight into the knuckle walking? Or have you not taken it any further? Id be interested in knowing how the bones on our hands and wrists compare to the gorillas under the same compression method and if continued study may shed light on wether or not our ancestors were strictly arboreal or maybe something in between, i know its somewhat undecided at the moment amongst the scientific community.

      • I guess I should apologise to you for the late reply too! I’m afraid I haven’t taken it any further – I was never engaged in active research in this area as a Masters student and I have since moved away from academia into museum collections work. I hope there has been some progress in the sientific community since you wrote your reply. All the best, James.

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